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MEME - Loops on the radio/internet

Much Looping to be heard here:

Be sure to catch a program of live Electronic music
performed by members of the Midwest Electronic Music
Ensemble, Friday (this Friday), April 4th at midnight eastern
time (11:00 PM central) on The Electrik Kingdom, hosted by
Chris Stecker on WCBN radio, 88.3 FM, Ann Arbor Michigan
and streamed live at http://www.wcbn.org/ on the web.

Michael Firman plays a twelve+ module Wiard system,
Korg ER-1 drum-machine, Rin-gong, EDP, and effects. Nick Wilson
plays 6-string electric violin, effects, loops, metal box and
sequences. Together they will perform a program of composed
and improvised Electronic Soundscapes consisting of Drones,
Beats, Noise, Melodic Fragments and other textural elements.

MEME (rhymes with theme) has existed for six years and consists
of seven members (five of who are current active members):
Grant Richter, Darwin Grosse, John Papiewski, Nick Wilson,
Michael Firman, Andre Stordeur, and Jack McCarthy (Darwin and
Jack are now both living outside of the midwest). MEME performs
live on a variety of electronic instruments including various modular
synthesizers and exotic controllers. MEME is devoted to the
production of live, creative, electronic music. More information
about the group can be found at:


Those of you in Ann Arbor, tune your radios to 88.3 FM
at Midnight on Friday, April 4th. If you're not in the
Ann Arbor area you can listen to the streaming audio
of the program by going to http://www.wcbn.org/
and clicking on "listen live" (then follow the instructions).

Thanks for listening!

| Michael A. Firman
| maf@mlswebworks.com
| http://www.mlswebworks.com