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A treat for East Coast Loopers

Hey East Coast loopers,

Since you can't make the fabulous LOOPTOCK this coming weekend
(LOOPSTOCK EAST next year?)
give yourself a consolation treat and go see the fabulous
AMY X NEUBURG if you have the chance.

Amy was the absolute hands down 'most talked about' loopist at last 
big Y2K2 LOOPFEST (this biggest loopfest so far with over 50 artists
Her songs are thought-provoking, funny and dark...........I love her work.
Her blend of technology and performance are seamless and she is a very
kinetic performer.

Check it out:

yours,  Rick Walker

> 8:30 PM
> AMY X NEUBURG performs her Avant-Cabaret solo works for voice,
> electronics and percussion
> 228 West Broadway (in Tribeca), New York
> Reservations/info: (212) 219-8242
> $10, free to Roulette members
> A brief descriptive thingy:
> Performer/composer/lyricist Amy X Neuburg creates high-technology
> music that is unusually intimate in nature. In performance she
> accompanies her diversely-influenced songs with electronic percussion
> and various voice processors, to build up thick layers of vocal
> harmonies and rhythms. An established figure in the Bay Area new
> music scene, Amy has also recorded and toured internationally with
> Robert Ashley's operas, performed for nine years with her
> avant-cabaret band Amy X Neuburg & Men, and presented her solo works
> at clubs, theatres, schools and festivals throughout the West. This
> will be her first solo performance in New York.
> Here is a groovy quote:
>   "On the big stage of the Palace of Fine Arts Theater she was nothing
> less than brilliant. Her stage persona transcended the gadgetry of
> loop and sample, taking flight when she stepped away from the
> flashing, glowing electronics and took the stage, coming closer to
> the audience... Neuburg has an artistry and potential that are truly
> compelling and may prove to be bigger than the local fishbowl can
> contain. " -- Thomas Goss, San Francisco Classical Voice, March 2003
> --