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Re: EVENTIDES and the art of Looping

> Well...it was a lot of work. Worth the time, though!

THANKYOU Italo , much appreciated,
that post goes straight into my archives .

Further questions.
Starting with the "obvious ones that everybody asks
about a new looper"

What about syncing Loops to Incoming MIDI clock?

Would it be possible to mod one of the sampler/delay  modules
to produce a tap time delay ?
...would it play back straight away at end of record?(with no delay)
...could it go straight into overdub.

The loop functions seem to be geared towards textured sounds, 
rather than the sort of rhythmic loop manipulation possible
on the EDP , 
......is this a correct observation?

Can any eventide gear emulate the Multiply and Insert
functions of the EDP?

well say I wanted to trigger a bunch of samples from
a sequencer, but then wanted to re-record those 
samples arbitrarily while the sequence was running
(or overdub)
would that be possible?
would it be possible to do this triggering a series of
samples in sequence from an LFO ( which looks like
it should be possible from what you say)?
...would you be able to use a sample more than once
   in that "sequence".

>  Hopefuly you all will find enough information and inspiration to start
>  looping on an Eventide

..............but not the cash ;-(

andy butler