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Re:thank you italo.

>i'm going to take time and digest that paper. it's nice to have someone 
>with a company who doesn't actively cater to looping explain how their 
>can be used within the context that the looper would want it to.

Actually Eventide has always supported looping. You would just need to 
read the presets descriptions in the older manuals. The people writing 
presets at Eventide ARE loopers!

>you also answered my question about the reverse delay. thank you.

>i do have a question about the 4in/4out routing though: i downloaded 
>and initialised it for the Orville. i only see 2 audio inputs into the 
>how do i do quad stuff?

Ok, I assume you are using any unit database (dsp7/75/Orville) in Vsig 
folder, or you wouldn't "see" the working sheet in VSIG. Just right click 
on any In or Out and choose "Add Repeating Field" from the pop up menu.

eric williamson

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All the best

Italo De Angelis
Preset Design Engineer - Audio Division