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this whole deal is up to the artists.  i find it quite sad that you would 
give the largest percentage to the benefactor.  doesn't anyone see a 
with this (i.e. record company syndrome)?  the cats with the money get 
money as the artists are left out in the cold to starve.  it is an even 
bigger problem when someone says "yeah i would buy it."  do they even 
consider what they are contributing to?  i know that everyone is trying to 
do a good thing by making this artform more accesible, but the artists are 
the ones making it happen, not somone with money and the ability to make a 
DVD.  there are far more avenues to consider than one thinks, when going 
into something as complicated as a compilation type production.  i think 
first and foremost we should support our artists that are blazing trails 
first.  by their stuff, and quit downloading from them, they deserve it.
matt wiley
>I would definitely buy the dvd, as I'm sure would other people, how much 
>u need to raise???
>I think the dvd would be very popular and an excellent introduction to
>loopers-delight and also an excellent advertisement for the artists who
>perform on it.  In short if the artists perform well they will increase 
>interest in their music which is surely good.
>It seems now the paypal is such a widely accepted form of payment that 
>sort of thing would have a very good chance of taking off.
>on 1/4/03 9:21 pm, Looping9string@aol.com at Looping9string@aol.com wrote:
>I have a digital video camera ... and software to make DVDs
>If someone would pay may expenses for me to attend loopstock, I would
>digitally video tape as much as possible and make custom content DVDs to
>order, I would charge as little as I could to make them and the person(s)
>responsible for sending me would get the largest cut from the sale of the
>DVD discs?
>I would be willing to work out any and all other legalities as well!
>I could make MPEG or AVI clips for web sites that the artists and LD could
>use too.
>I mentioned this idea a while back to Andre but got no response...
>I know he's busy! ;)
>And hey, maybe artists could donate their percentage to LOOPERS DELIGHT?
>Crazy idea I know but I would be very willing to work it all out and
>Any suggestions, or takers?

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