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RE: Laptop recommendations

couldn't disagree more.  dells rock.  i've worked with sony, ibm and dell
laptops... i'm about to buy a new laptop (old one was stolen) and... it's
going to be a dell!  and yes this is the machine i'm going to be using for
music performance.

it's true that there is bad ground hum in my old dell, but a 3-2 prong
converter on the laptop power supply makes quick work of it.  no hum.

outside of that, everything else is great... price/performance.. look and
feel... latency with rme hdsp (3ms)... just a great deal overall.

but, to each his own, i guess...


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> > Also, most of the new laptops have Firewire, but you might also look 
> > 2.0 for flexibility. I just noticed the new Dell laptops now
> have USB 2.0,
> > which is great.
> >
> >
> Unless you can check the unit before you buy it, STAY AWAY from all 
> Dell.
> I haven't seen their current production models, but on every unit
> I've tried
> (more than a few, since we use them at my day job), their power
> supply feeds
> directly into the ground, which means that you can't use them for any 
> of audio with the power plugged in - a horrible and unavoidable hum 
> when you plug them into any kind of mixer or power speakers. There is no
> solution - it even happens with USB audio.
> When I talked to Dell support, the said they knew of no plans to rectify
> this.
> bIz