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Re: LAPTOP recommendations (Aarvark Q10)

The Aarvark Q10 is also a great choice if you dont
want to carry mixers around,its rackmountable and its
preamps are the best i ve heard.You can record up to 8
tracks at once and it has all the specs (except USB).I
have the 2496 which is only 4 inputs and i ve been
more than happy with it but i am considering upgrading
to this one.They were slow in releasing the new
drivers but i just installed them along with Win XP
and i havent had any problems.I attended a cakewalk
sonar  seminar and the guy had a sony vayo laptop, the
card, and a usb interface, thats it no mixers etc.It
works perfect with Sonar and he did some really cool
stuff with it using a lot of plugins reason etc.!
Check it out

--- Catilyne <catilyne@icicle.net> wrote:
> At 11:56 PM 3/31/2003 -0800, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL
> wrote:
> >I am in the market for a laptop computer so that I
> can
> >record, use Ableton's LIVE as a realtime
> performance enhancer
> >and use real time USB/Midi control over soft
> synths.

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