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Re: EDP cost/promotion/etc and some figures for thought

Title: Re: EDP cost/promotion/etc and some figures for thought
I think the only thing people want improved about the edp is the cost.
1800 for a stereo looper is serious money.
I would be perfectly happy with the edp if it would just go back down to the price I paid for it two years ago. Then I could buy another!
But its now double the price,
and it must be clear that investing such huge sums of money into a piece of hardware that requires very little processor power is risky.
I think everyone agrees that the edp is brilliant,
The frustration is there are no cheap loopers with midi sync to use with the edp.

on 31/3/03 4:34 pm, Looping9string@aol.com at Looping9string@aol.com wrote:

In a message dated 3/31/2003 1:50:37 AM Mountain Standard Time, kflint@loopers-delight.com writes:

I'm not sure why it matters how "modern" the hardware inside is or isn't.
The hardware is capable of doing the features that the EDP has. If you like
those features, the EDP may be a nice choice of looper for you. If the
features are not what you are looking for, choose something else.

Agreed, Many times I meet musicians touring and performing with the art of looping ... many of them use OLD beat to death from the road, echoplexes with the Oberheim logo on them!

It seems the older the version, the many more light years they are ahead of myself in their art form.

Improvements would very cool on EDPs in theory, but it seems that that's always happening isn't it?

I can't even fathom what there is to improve! After a little over a year am positive that I have barely tapped into the potential of the EDP.

I am happy learning about loop 3 and can't wait to jump to loop 4...

It seems that some people will always just be dissatisfied, just for the sake of being dissatisfied!

I know I am guilty of being that way in other areas...