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Re: EDP cost/promotion/etc and some figures for thought

Quoting Looping9string@aol.com:
> It seems that some people will always just be dissatisfied, just for the 
> of being dissatisfied!

i'm sorry if i came off that way. my primary instrument is an Hammond C-2 
organ, which even has a tube 
preamp. with the addition of the Trek II percussion head unit, it is the 
state of the art tonewheel organ, 
even having been made in 1953.

my original complaint has more to do with the excessive price of the EDP 
than the technology itself. 
staying with the Motorola 68040 is not a bad idea, seeing as you could 
pave your driveway with them as 
cheap as they are now.

when the Echoplex was new, the 68040 was significantly more expensive than 
it is now. it was the top of 
the line processor for the Apple Macintosh. it obviously does not cost 
nearly that much now, and there are 
other chips which can run the same code-base available cheaply as well. 
i'm sure one of them could be 
throttled down to whatever multiple of 44.1khz which the code requires to 
allow the use of a digital input.

i didn't mean to start any bad blood here, i was just pointing out that 
the price of the EDP was 
inappropriate for the situation it's in. and, that if the reasons i was 
given as to why it was so expensive 
were true then we would be faced with an upwardly increasing cost for 
additional units as time went on. 
at this current rate of EDP price growth, we're looking at a $1500 39khz 
mono unbalanced looper by the 
year 2007 or so. i don't think Gibson will be selling many when that 

happy looping, please!
Eric Williamson

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