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RE: Portable DAWs vs. PCs

Yeah your are right about the drivers lagging behind I have an
Audiophile 2496 and ran it under XP and 2000. I did find enough
performance benefits in XP using audio apps to make it worth the extra
effort to bother with and this way you can also avoid the annoying
activation schema form M$. I make a living using this stuff and even I
find M$ annoying.

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Subject: Portable DAWs vs. PCs

Yes,and most of theses portable DAWs like the Roland
VS series,Yamaha,etc. are integrating decent software
to syncronize to your PC.Iīve been doing most of my
recording with Sonar and my Aardvark 2496 soundcard
which is very nice, but i havenīt yet upgraded my
terrible ME o.s.to XP because of the damn
drivers,after 2 years the new released ones from
Aardvark are still giving people headaches!
It would be nice if we could use something like Sonar
or Cool Edit with this machines,wouldnīt it?
> I don't have the time to research all the options, >

> For example, I've now given up on the idea of using
> a PC/Mac for recording.
> I've been planning to go that route for years, but
> the burden of all the 
> decisions needed to make it happen was too much. I
> didn't have time for 
> figuring it out, so it never happened. My girlfriend
> has been frustrated 
> about this for years, since she is the one who
> really likes recording and 
> had outgrown the 4-tracks, but for her figuring out
> the pc requirements was 
> too intimidating to even start.  Instead we just
> bought a 16 track 
> standalone hard disk recorder with a cd-r built in.
> (Yamaha AW16G). 
> Everything is laid out nicely, all the elements we
> need are there - mixer, 
> patchbay, effects, i/o, eq, cdr, hd, loop sampler,
> etc. Nicely ergonomic 
> control surface, good quality audio, easy to use,
> etc. No decisions to 
> make, just learn to use it and go. One credit card
> transaction. It does 
> everything we need and then some, and in the end
> probably cost a lot less 
> than I would have spent on a pc recording system.
> We're happy, and she'll 
> probably begin a recording project here within days.
> It probably would have 
> been years if we kept on the PC path.
> To me, that is the real advantage of a dedicated
> device over a general
> purpose computer/laptop. How much time and energy
> are you going to put into 
> customizing an interface for that general purpose
> device to fit your needs, 
> before you can do anything with it at all? How much
> time are you going to 
> spend screwing around with it later, fixing
> problems, installing updates, 
> etc? The dedicated device might have you up and
> running in minutes. And 
> after all the effort you put into customizing the
> general purpose device 
> for your needs, how good is it really? A dedicated
> device had one or more 
> knowledgeable people spend a whole bunch of time
> figuring out the details 
> of the interface design, probably with input from
> other users. These days I 
> find I'd much rather take advantage of the interface
> design work that 
> somebody else already did, rather than reinventing
> that wheel myself.
> To each his own I guess. Certainly there are people
> who love the idea of
> building their own musical tools. I think they are
> the musician equivalent 
> of people who build hot rods. Its a lot of fun and a
> passion to build your 
> own car, even if ultimately you hardly ever drive it
> except to shows with 
> other hot rod builders. Most people would prefer to
> just have a car that 
> gets them from A to B.....
> kim
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