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Re: slightly ot: the quest for a groovebox

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, jimfowler wrote:

> regarding the ELECTRIBE series:
> i've been thinking about the ER-1...does anybody use this?  

I use one in alsmot every live show. it is my favorite drum machine (and
I've used about two dozen inclduing the famous TR808, TR909, Linndrum,
QY30, etc. etc etc)

> i'm wondering if you're restricted to 4/4 and if the unit is able to be
sync'd to my edp. 

You can set up to four measures and I *think* you can set the last
step. Best to download the manual from Korg to check. I do know it can do
3/4 waltz time :)

The ER1 is the exclusive drum machine/percussion in my handheld music
shows. You can listen to MP3s to hear it's flexibilty here: 


It is decided;y "electro" sounding but that said is the most flexible
"electro" drum machine  I've ever used. Classic or warped it can do it
all. Used prices make it the most practical Drum machine for electornic
music DN it can also act as an extrenal; midi sequencer .

I Love it, Can you tell? 


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