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Re: LIVE Sound Card choices for Mac Live Loop programs?

I have an M-box and I am waiting to receive the ultra low latency drivers
written by propagamma (check http://www.usb-audio.com/). These drivers
promise very low latency across USB. I will let u know if they work when I
recieve them in the next couple of days.

Can't help thinking though that a firewire audio interface would be more
reliable and just plainly a better use of $400, depends if u can wait for
the m-audio one to come out.

However u do get pro-tools 6 with the M-box!

on 29/6/03 9:43 am, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL at GLOBAL@cruzio.com wrote:

> Hi gang,
> I would love some off list replies to the following questions
> if anyone has the time or inclination to help me out.
> I want to get a breakout box that
> will allow me to do real time stereo audio
> input into a MAC Titanium powerbook (800 mghz).
> No, I don't want an 8 channel in MOTU or equivalent.
> The Lowest Latency possible with the most inexpensive
> price is what I'm looking for.
> I'm a complete newbie to the MAC side of things (being a die
> hard PC guy for the last 4 years) so I am incredibly
> naive and unknowledgeable about my options.
> I have heard that USB boxes (like DigiDesigns M-Box) could have
> potential latency problems and I want to drive Antares fantastic
> new audio driven synth, KANTOS with a vocal or instrument mic
> with the least possible degree of latency.
> Is firewire the way to go?
> Are there any stereo firewired audio-computer boxes out there that
> are both small in size (which is a definite consideration since I will
> be touring Europe and the British Isles this summer)
> and somewhat manageable economically?
> I'd appreciate any and all advise from you loopers.
> After NAMM, seeing KANTOS,  Ableton's LIVE,  Steve Duda's Devine-Machine
> (looping
> program) and Cycling 74's RADIAL, Ms. Pinky and JITTER   I decided to 
> the
> plunge (please oh please don't bury me with "I told you sos" from the Mac
> crowd.......LOL).
> yours,  Rick Walker