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Re: Re: Minimalist rigs>>into FCB1010 sloths

sorry you didn't catch the joke/sarcasm
I don't have a fcb1010 (PMC10)
have a look at my system specs

Thanks for the generous help tho


> --- Claude Voit <c.voit@vtx.ch> wrote:
> > 11-I want manual reading private lesson
> > 12-WTF there's no video/DVD yet
> >
> a video for the fcb1010 really is not necessary.  i,
> too, had quite a difficult time getting mine
> operational, but once you figure out how to translate
> the poorly written manual, the device is cake and you
> feel like an idiot for not catching on right away.
> i'd be more than happy to help explain how to program
> your fcb1010.
> to save bandwidth on the list, feel free to email me
> privately with your fcb1010 questions.
> take care,
> ~e va n
> evanmeyers@yahoo.com
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