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Re: GR-30 vs Axon NGC-77 (was Re: Expressive MIDI guitar (a looping source!)

3 oblique strategies for our bored Mark :=)
1- GR sound on
send some rythmic sequences of (random or not ) program changes to the
gr3o and play it

2- Give the apegiaztor anothe try it is more fun than youd expect

3- send the gr sounds in a filter like the 4 pole sequence the filter

I like my gr


> I've been toying with the idea of replacing my GR-30 with an Axon
NGC-77 midi
> converter.  I'm thinking that since I don't use the GR-30 sounds, I'd
> just have a better Hex/midi converter.  Anyone have experience with
the Axon?
> Is it worth the extra cash (probably about $200-300 more used) for the
Axon or
> should I stay where I am.  I think the tracking on the GR-30 is
actually pretty
> good, I'm just not all that into it's sounds, but that's just my
> Fripp seems to like them a lot.
> Mark Sottilaro