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SV: Back in the game

> Från: Dave Stagner [mailto:dave@spnz.org] 
> I struggled with sterile 
> stacked-humbucking pickups on Stratocasters, 

Occasionally I have thought about buying stacked Strat pickups but I
must say that today I'm glad I never had the money to take the plunge.
Instead I developed the habit of turning down the strats volume knob
between notes and also to fight hum by assuming a "hum preventing" body
position ;-)  (related to the surrounding magnetic fields, I guess?).
And I love those low output vintage strat single coils!!!!!  

>  Now i'm looping the feedback

Cool! Any MP3's up somewhere? 
> -The Flaming Lips, > 

Yeah, great band! :-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com --> 1st Swedish Looping Festival