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Re: synced Slave does not feel as free as Master

> Hi list,
> Here's a specific EDP loop4 question:
> I usually run the EDP with the sync setting "out" as the midi clock
> master in my live system. But now I'm planning to do a couple of
> recordings where the EDP is set as slave (sync = "in"). But this sync
> setting seems to affect some features like Record, Multiply and
> DirectMIDI SUSRoundedInsert and SUSReplace. Also, when I start out by
> pressing REC the recording goes on for two bars when I want to close
> loop already after one 4th (pressing rec a second time to close the
> does not take action until two bars have passed)

reduce 8th param val

> Thing I do live, which is not possible now, with the EDP slave synced
> are:
> - Doing quantized and rounded inserts of 16ths to gradually lengthen
> loop until it reaches one bar.

reduce the 8th par value

should help