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average age of the looping community?


   I`m afraid I may mess up the computations.
       I was 71 this past Dec.3.

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Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 11:57 AM
Subject: average age of the looping community?

> i know, i know...this is a bit off topic, but being
> that we are all attempting to pioneer these looping
> devices out of the closet and into mainstream (not
> really, but so to speak)...i was just curious of the
> average age of the musicians working this gear into
> fluid musical performance?
> from the pix i've seen of loopers and the great
> friends i've made on this list, it seems to be more of
> an infatuation of the working class family folk, but i
> was just curious if i'm alone in trying to integrate
> the looping technology into my music scene.
> i'm 24 and am moved by improvisational music and the
> jam scene and although i haven't found quite the right
> musicians to hit the road with, i have been able to
> successfully use my repeater and arsenal of sounds
> with all people i play with (as well as slowly
> building up a repetoir of solo music).
> just curuios...
> peace and bass...
> ~e va n
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