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Tape Control Center.

Title: Re: Tape Control Center.
                             Many thanks!!
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Subject: Re: Tape Control Center.

At 2:58 PM -0500 2/9/03, Marvin Henley wrote:
 I`m jumping right in the water. I`m new to audio and will start off simply as a hobby.
   I read that connecting audio is simplified by devices such as Realistic Tape Control Center 42-2105.
   As luck would have it,I found one in a garage sale and bought it.
     Now I have to figure the hookups. Problem: No manual.    Anyone have one?

It looks pretty simple, so a manual shouldn't really be necessary. The back panel has pairs of RCA connections for the stereo inputs and outputs of a Receiver (which could be any audio device), and three Tape decks (which could also be any audio device). The front panel has toggle switches to select the routing of the signal among the devices.

The top set of three switches allows you to select whether each of the tape decks receives signal from the receiver or from the "Dubbing Buss." The first three switches in the bottom set allow you to send the tape outputs to either the dubbing buss or the output. The fourth switch on the bottom allows you to send either the dubbing buss signal or the output signal to the receiver.

The best way to understand how this works is to take the inputs and outputs one at a time and see how various combinations affect the signal flow.

Not that this is a device designed to work with consumer-level signals (-10dBV). There might be a problem with overload if you use stronger signals as inputs. However, it might be a passive device, in which case you're probably OK.

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