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Re: Syncing Cakewalk/Sonar to EDP clock...

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From: "Jesse Ray Lucas" <jlucas@neoprimitive.net>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Saturday, February 08, 2003 4:42 AM
Subject: Syncing Cakewalk/Sonar to EDP clock...


Just got my EDP yesterday and spent all day today in the living room
reading the manual and playing with it.  It rocks!  Much more powerful
than my Boss RC-20 (probably about $450 more powerful).  But I really
bought it for it's MIDI syncing capabilities...

Now I'm back in the studio with it, trying to get it hooked up to my
computer.  I easily got it to listen to MIDI clock from Sonar so my
loops were in time with my sequence, but I have not been able to get
Sonar to listen to the clock the EDP generates.

I will try and be as thorough as possible, so you can help me (if you
can) without a bunch of list traffic...

EDP Setup: OS LoopIII 5.0 (until LoopIV gets here next week), Sync=Out,
8ths/Beat=12 (the sequence I'm trying to start is in 6/4, 145BPM),
Channel=2 (does this matter?)

--Maybe beginning in 4/4 would simplify untill you get the expected
result channel has nothing to do with clock, realtime midi

The MIDI cables are in place (EDP Out --> PC In, PC OUT --> EDP In), and
Sonar is receiving *some* kind of signal from the EDP (the MIDI In light
on the little icon in the systray is on when the EDP should be sending

--this doesnt mean sonar is set to slave, EDP sends a lot of note ons

I have the Project -> Clock dialog options in Sonar set to Source = MIDI
Sync, Ticks per quarter-note = 120 (default), SMPTET/MTC Format = 30
Frame Non-drop (default).

--"Midi Sync" is quite vague it really should read Midi Clock (and NOT
midi time code wich is another story) the default for midi clock is 24
clocks per beat (?)


- The manual says you're just supposed to start the sequencer and it
will wait for MIDI clock and then start itself.  It says "Waiting for
MIDI Sync..." in the status bar at the bottom of the screen when I press
play in Sonar, but as soon as I step on Record on the EDP footswitch to
start recording a loop for it to sync to, that message vanishes.  I
tried setting MIDI --> Control Source on the EDP to all possible values
(controller, note, and off) and nothing changed.

--did you try without starting sonar before maybe the stop edp sends at
record confuses sonar
start is sent and clock starts at EDP EndRecord (The loop time has been
set we can now send a clock rate)

- If I have a loop running on the EDP already, sending MIDI clock, and I
press play in Sonar it says "Waiting for MIDI Sync..." and sits there
while the clock indicator on the EDP blinks away.

--my guess is sonar isnt setup right

Am I missing something???  What kinds of software/hardware sequencers is
everyone else using (if you are using sequencers with your EDP)?

hope this helps