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Re: controlling Sonar from MIDI Foot controllers

(no, no not underwater radar, I mean Cakewalk Sonar :)

I browsed the midisolutions site out of reflex, but I saw something there
that caught my eye.

They note that their unit can be used to transform a conventional midi
footswitch command into the quirky '2 simultaneous note-ons'  that Sonar
requires for key bindings to external controls (hmmmppph at Cakewalk for
being so old fashioned and thinking we all are playing keyboards).

This usage is discussed on the 'applications' page:

thanks to Sean for the pointer, and I'm glad I follow every random link you
folks post!   :)


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> Depending on your budget and midi needs, a custom solution could be built
with multiple footswitch controller boxes:
> At 11:21 PM 2003/02/04 +0000, Ian Popperwell wrote:
> >Thank you. Yes, the idea of using external foot switches is a good one, 
> >didn't realise that any of the controllers had external inputs. I'll 
> >it.