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Re: MIDI Foot controllers

  Hey Ian, I'm also visually impaired, and have run into this issue before.
  I end up using double rows anyway though, because I'm so damned picky!
lol!   I like using alot of different sounds and such.  
  Anyway, which FC's have you had experience with before?   What features
or functions  are you wanting to control?   Does it need to be midi?   A
friend was nice enough to create a couple of custom controllers for this
last loop fest in Palo Alto,  and you can also replace the switches in the
EDP foot controller with more positive ones which will trigger easily
enough, but not unless you want them to.  They can also have a higher
  Anyway, please don't  hesitate to send along any other questions or
concerns ya might have.   I'd be delighted to help out if I can...   



At 09:23 PM 2/4/03 +0000, you wrote:
>I have posted on this subject before but am still looking for what I need
>and could do with a bit of help.
>I'm looking for a good MIDI foot controller with just one row of
>well-spaced foot switches - with or without a pedal. This is because I 
>very little eye sight and can't hit the double-row controllers with any
>degree of accuracy. I posted a couple of weeks ago about the Philip Rees
>MM5 (now discontinued) but guess that nobody on the list has experience of
>using it. I've checked out as many makes and models as I can find but they
>all now seem to have two rows - Yamaha, Roland, Behringer, Digitech, Zoom,
>Rocktron, Peavey(?)...
>I use a MIDI Wind controller with a couple of modules, a synth with
>arpegiator and fx units and am saving for an EDP (I currently use a trusty
>DL4) -. I need/want to be able to send MIDI clock, prog changes, set up
>drones, start/stop arpegiator and transmit chord info to arpegiator, + in
>the future control the EDP. If I can't do all these things, my access to a
>pedalboard is more important to me than features - some of em would be
>better than none.
>Any advice would be very helpful.


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