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Hi gang,
I'm in love with sound design, from manipulating found sounds to using
computers and
effects processors and stomp boxes to mangle sounds.  Whenever there are
100 tips for sound design articles in Electronic Musician or Future Music 
Keyboard magazine I just eat that shit up  (by the way, the excellent
british mag, Future Music just had it's 10th anniversary issue with a whole
bunch of best of lists in it........go check it out).

Would anyone be into contributing some of their favorite idiosyncratic
techniques for
looping sounds and designing sounds to loop?  I'd personally love such a

In that spirit I just discovered some cool shit today and thought I'd like
to share it
with you all:

 I just bought the coolest thing today.......it is a little dayglo green
'rock star' headset mic and plastic speak amplifier that I bought at
CLAIRE's which is
a young teen age girls accesorie shop in the local mall  (I seem to get 
of my
plastic found sound musical stuff at shops like these............making 
sure that
I make eye contact with no young pubescesnt girls lest they think this
purple haired
middled aged man is a freak....................LMAO).   All the young women
who work in these stores know me by now and actually save stuff for me that
they think I will like.
It's pretty cool.

Anyway, this little plastic toy amplifier with a tiny headset mic  cost $10
(US) and is surprisingly loud and, of course, really low fi.  It is also
really prone to feedback.

 It is so prone to feedback that I started singing through it, covering the
2" speaker with my hand and systematically (and rhythmically) taking it off
In this way I could control (like a human noise gate) a couple of bands of
feedback (hand completely covering the speaker will cut the feedback

I then sang a little falsetto ditty in 7/8 into it and recorded it into
Sound Forge.

I then opened up KANTOS as a plugin (which is this incredible new soft 
made by
Antares---they of Autotune fame----which is controlled by audio tracks NOT

It analyses the sound coming in (in this case my wierd little feedbacked 
vocal thing)
and then you can control resultant synthesizer's pitch with the waveform.

I love 'what's wrong with this picture' sounds so I chose voice simulation
synth patches
to drive with this vocal thingee and the results sound like Psychedelic

Wow, If I only had KANTOS as a real time processor, I'd never take another
keyboard to a gig again.........with the wind synth control of the Repeater
loops and the ability to control a synth with your singing or melodic

Okee dokee,  that's my WIERD SOUND DESIGN for looping tip of the

..........who's into following suit?

yours,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)