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Re: first loop

I'd say try and get an Echoplex Digital Pro or a Repeater on Ebay.  If
you're into Aphex Twin you are going to want something that synchs to a
midi clock.

For reverbs/modulations I really like my Lexicon MPX1.  I think all the
mpx line will synch to midi or take a tap tempo.  Very useful.

Mark Sottilaro

john flynn wrote:

> -
> i'm after an affordable unit (stomp box or rack, doesn't matter),
> which has
> the most atmospheric reverbs, echoes, reverse reverbs, chorus etc. i
> also
> like the analogue sounds like the roland space echo and the watkins
> copicat
> etc. i've never used a looping function before (i only have an
> analogue echo
> unit and an alesis quadraverb, usedfor echo and reverse reverb). Which
> do
> the experienced loopers recommend for myfirst acquisition? is the
> line6 dl4
> modeller really my best buy? what about the lexicon jamman/vortex that
> i've
> read aboutvia the loopers website? i'm into stuff like the aphex twin
> and
> mybloody valentine
> thanks
> johnf