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Wierdest EDP problem

Okay I know u people r the looping experts so maybe someone could explain 

When using my Echoplex digital pro version 5 software (one year old)
If I plug the input of the echoplex into my lexicon mpx100 or aux send of 
guitar amp with the echoplex turn on then the feedback (set to maximium) 
refuses to hold the loop, however turning th edp off then on again its 
The same problem occurs when turning my equipment on together if I have 
lex or guitar amp connected to the EDP I have to make sure the EDP is 
on last.
Also repatching equipment to the EDP with the EDP on causes the feedback 
to hold.
How on earth can this be????
All of the above happens when the only thing connections are to the input 
and output. How can pluging something into the input socket possibly 
the feedback of the unit???????
This random behaviour is extremely unnerving.
Any thoughts

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