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Re: Muting tracks with Repeater via fcb 1010

--- "Rick Walker/Loop.pooL" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com> wrote:
> this aspect of the fcb1010 also drives me crazy,
> louie, but I just am very,
> very careful
> and at the start of any gig (if I am using the
> footpedals) I run a loop in
> all four channels to test it out.
> Now another work around that I thought up just this
> instant but haven't even
> tried is
> to just create a boot patch in your CFC card that
> has all tracks unmuted
> with no information in them..........is that
> possible.
> no time to check it out,  the last gig of the LOOP
> TRIO TOUR is tonight with
> Michael Manring and my brother Bill Walker sitting
> in........I"m really
> excited about it.
> When the tour is over I go into serious program the
> fcb1010 to control the
> EDP mode...........whew!!!!!  here I
> come................LOL
> yours, Rick Walker
Hi Rick,
there has been times when i turn my equipment on and
when i start a loop the loops come out in a different
pitch mode,hows that for a surprise!
Yes, i am going to start running a through test before
i start the gig somehow i donīt trust my mischevious
But i love it!


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