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Re: SV: Muting tracks with Repeater via fcb 1010

> Yes, i find setting the levels very tricky; 

to me, it really seems like a bunch of trial and
error.  the wonderful thing about midi is the amount
of control it allows, the only bad part is that you
really do need to fully customize everything to suite
your exact musical needs (although i guess that's good
because you can't fall back on the ol' use the presets
for now and customize when i find the time excuse).

> looping tracks.So what i ve done is set one track
> with
> a higher cc value so i when i input my  instrument
> through it ill have a louder level. I set tracks
> 1,2,3
> with a cc 0-64 and 4(the reserved solo track) with
> with a cc0-127.

that's the idea.  experimenting is the key...

> I still want to program the resampling option and
> other commands but controlling volume controls wahs
> and midi comands of the repeater, roland,echo pro
> and
> EDP i am running out of pathces!

and to do full resets with all of that gear going
through one board would require several patches since
you are already sharing most of your pcs and ccs (or
so i imagine) for each preset.

> And no,i donīt want to get a second midi
> pedal...:-((

oh well, there goes that idea...although if you really
are feeling limitted by sending data to all that gear,
you might want to consider it.  the fcb1010 is going
for about $125 in stores and you can probably nab one
on ebay for a much lower price if you are patient and
don't mind a few scuffs on the board.

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