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Re: Muting tracks with Repeater via fcb 1010

Hello Louie,

> Any of you guys doing track muting via the fcb 1010
> live? Can this be done manually?
> Any tips?

i do a lot of volume changes using the fcb1010 and my
repeater in a live context and i've found a few little
tricks to help get by...

- if you are only controlling the repeater with the
fcb1010 then assign both expression pedals to the
repeater's channel and play around with different
configurations of tracks and volumes.  you may want 2
tracks per footswitch or you may want to make one
volume and another feedback level...depends on what
your live music is like.  it is always best to program
the pedal for you specific needs.  i have some banks
that are programmed for general use and then other
banks that are created for specific techniques i use.
- i program a few 'reset' buttons for things like
pitch shift and volume where when you press them it
resets everything normal so that you don't have any
unexpected problems between loops.
- when all else fails, go to the repeater unit and
slide the faders.  i'm pretty sure that the sliders
will override any and all midi commands (but i may be
mistaken) or you can always reboot...

good luck.  let the list know what you find works

peace and bass,
~ e va n

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