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Repeater questions

Hello loopaz...

Few quick questions about the repeater...

- Is there any way to have the inputs on the repeater
have unique track ownership?  I ask because I want to
be able to have multiple musicians going through the
repeater all playing simultaneously...but only record
certain instruments while allowing the others to just
pass through (is there a buypass for tracks on the
repeater?).  Basically, I'm working with bass and
turntables and I want to be able to record certain
drum hits and samples from the tables while grooving
on the bass but when I record, I only want to record
the tables and not the bass, but also have the ability
to record the bass without the tables.  I've tried
playing with panning the tracks and using stereo outs,
but haven't been able to accomplish this yet.  I know
I can do it if I send everything through a mixer, but
unfortunately, I am missing the crucial piece...the
mixing board!

- Has anyone had problems with the dry mute feature? 
I can't seem to dry mute my signal so that only my
effected signal is audible.  Is it because I am
passing my original signal back into the rptr?  I have
the wet/dry ratio set for 100% wet...but I can always
still hear  my original signal for certain tones.

- General gear question - I have my repeater and a
filter factory in an skb case.   To save time on
packup and setup, i tend to keep both units plugged
into a power strip/surge protector and carefully wrap
the wires neatly and rest them in the case  for
travel.  With the near impossibility of getting either
of these units fixed or parts replaced if something
goes wrong...i'm beginning to think that it may be a
better idea to take the additional few minutes to
unplug everything.  I am careful to not bend the ends
of the power adapters and do not put any tension on
them when i wrap them, but does anyone know for sure
if doing something like this will really hurt my power
adapters over time?

keep on looping...

peace and bass...~e

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