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Re: EDP Loop IV ReAlign Help Needed

maybe you first need to disalign it to expérience the realign  :-)

an example of disalign (more loop:1) sample style:STA  Quantize off
use Nextloop on foot control to make stutter triggs (you desalign the
loop start point from the sequencer "1")
then press mute then multiply you should see the display "AL"
in your post you're talking lame duck period so you're quantized ------>
you didnt disalign ??

hope that helps


> Hello all,
> Been out of the loop for a while (ouch).  Just got my EDP Loop IV
> and put it right in.  Now I have a performance coming up this Saturday
> my EDP synched to a Powerbook running Ableton Live and I can't seem to
> the ReAlign to work.  I'm trying to do it from the front panel with
> Mute-Multiply and it just doesn't seem to be happening.  Perhaps I'm
> it wrong?  I've tried all possible combos of pressing mute and holding
> down while pressing mult. or rather pressing mute letting go and then
> pressing mult. in the lame duck period - stuff like that - still no
> response.  What on earth does a guy have to do to realign his loop?
> Thanks for any help!
> e o
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