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Re: [looper's] RE: DL-4


Thanks for this - I've done as you suggest and it works..

At 19:11 16/01/03 , you wrote: 

> >>I don't seem to be able to unassign Delay Time from the pedal. So, if, 
> example, I want to bring up the repeats as I put my toe down, I set a 
> of repeats at heal position and lots at the toe position. I don't touch
> Time, and when using the pedal, the Delay Time will always change causing
> spaceship effect.<<
> it's been a while... but I think you have to set one of the pedal 
> before the other one- the order is important though I can't remember 
> way round it is.... and you have to re-store the preset before it
"takes". if
> that doesn't work, then summat's buggered. you could try re-storing the
> preset with no pedal plugged in to "clear" any memory it might have of 
> snapshotted positions. 
> then you could try deliberately moving the delay time knob a tiny bit and
> back again in order to "re-register" the alternate position, in case the 
> is assuming, in the absence of any other data, that you wanted to carry 
> using the erroneous setting.
> duncan/r.m.i. 
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