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RE: [looper's] OT RE: whats up with Pete Townsend (arthur)?

Title: [looper's] OT RE: whats up with Pete Townsend?

anyway, the hell with all these kiddy-fiddlers, alleged or otherwise. I went to see arthur's show last night (the forever changes concert) and it was totally fantastic. no looping... in fact, no technology at all. real musicians, no multitrack or samples. I was time-warped back to 1968 and enjoyed every minute. if you get a chance, go see.

Saw Arthur Lee and Love (do you actually think people know what you’re talking about. England is the only country on a 1st name basis with him) this last summer in Portland. Wish the Forever Changes show would come here (but for some reason only England ‘gets’ him). Great to see another looper into this…