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[looper's] OT RE: whats up with Pete Townsend?

Title: [looper's] OT RE: whats up with Pete Townsend?

> whats the latest today?<

gone a bit quiet- there was some footage on the news the other day of his G4's being bubble-wrapped and carted off by the met's finest. meanwhile, the police have named a well-known british tv presenter today on similar charges, and the feller that was the manager of the bay city rollers.

anyway, the hell with all these kiddy-fiddlers, alleged or otherwise. I went to see arthur's show last night (the forever changes concert) and it was totally fantastic. no looping... in fact, no technology at all. real musicians, no multitrack or samples. I was time-warped back to 1968 and enjoyed every minute. if you get a chance, go see.



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