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mixing and routing

i am at a crossroad in my looping.  i am not sure what to do with my 
path and thought that someone could help.  my signal path is:

tcm guitar (synth)-gr300-volume (mono)-wah-fulldrive 2-rotoshpere-tube 
screamer-boss octave-whammy IV-line 6 delay (loop)-boomerang (loop)-dr z 
route 66-vht 4x10 cab.

this is very noisy and the synth sucks tone.  i am not opposed to using 
echoplex and repeater along with rack mount tc electronics processors to 
stuff off the floor.  the problem is how do i route and mix so that i can 
conceptually get the same effect that i am getting now but only cleaner.  
also would like to clock to a sequencer for our drummer.

matt wiley

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