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Re: [OT] Done to Death (was: Lucky Bastards)

At 10:41 AM 1/10/2003 -0500, David Beardsley wrote:
>From: "Tom Ritchford" <tom@swirly.com>
> > You need a drum machine
>That's been done to death.

Eh, if you really want to get into it, rock guitar has been done to death 
as well.  Yet you still find people who are able to pull out new and 
interesting angles working within that medium.

Generally, it ain't the tool; it's the carpenter.

I think the bigger question is do you want to give people something 
familiar which they can hold onto while you're doing your sonic 
explorations, or do you want to simply drag them out to the 
netherworlds?  Either approach is perfectly valid, but the greater the 
amount of critical listening/viewing you demand from your audience, the 
fewer number of individuals you find who are willing to put forth the 
effort to properly appreciate your show.

The above, of course, is entirely a statement on the audience rather than 
the music.  But, if you're breaking new ground and you want to increase 
your audience, you've either got to offer something in which a greater 
number of people are interested (dancing girls may be a nice start), or 
expand the tastes of the audience until what you're doing is more widely 
accepted (a much more arduous process).  So, in summary, either you move 
closer to the 'mainstream', or you move the 'mainstream' closer to you...


"i want to reach my hand into the dark and *feel* what reaches back"