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Re: Gemm.com - experiences?

> The gemm.com web site has a lot to be desired from a design and usability
> perspective, but it does what it's suppose to, so I'd give them a thumbs

true - it is an ugly site! :o)

> I didn't realize that they offered services for more independent artists
> labels since it's typically stores I've dealt with ... I'll have to check
> that out. I was planning on using CDBaby or Homegrown Music.

I'd list it at CDBaby as well, if I was you - good site, good search
functions etc.

> If you are selling CDs using gemm.com, are you packing/shipping them
> yourself? If so, I wonder how this would compare to using PayPal directly
> your own hosted site in terms of cost. Also, how do they transfer payment
> you for goods sold?

The Gemm deal is pretty good - can remember the specifics but it works out
well worth doing - they pay you by cheque I think... Gemm's strength is the
size of the site - they don't charge you much cos they don't have to do
much, and they REALLY want to have your stuff listed there to make them 
bigger than they are (already the biggest CD shop front on the web)...

Ideally, I'd go for all the options you can - having a paypal thing on your
site makes perfect sense for people who've found your site, but some people
might just search for your band on gemm while looking for something else,
and then buy it. Or find you by accident or whatever. It doesn't cost
anything to have the listing, so it's worth having them all and casting the
net as wide as you can. I've got my first two albums up at CD Baby, and 
soon have all three avaialable via www.burningshed.com as well, and am 
deliberating over www.amazon.co.uk via their marketplace system... It's all
about visibility and exposure I guess...