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Re: Votes of Cure

*****Happy New Year to everybody from the list from Zurich,

P.S. especialmente para voce Matthias: muito lindo as suas palavras! A
musica que mantem a gente ter esperanša! Feliz ano novo!!

Daniel Pezzotti

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Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2002 6:08 PM
Subject: Votes of Cure

Hi my friends!

I did not follow your conversation for a while.
Me and my companheira escaped from death by very little while playing
in the sand at a steep beach. I had just left the place when a whole
mountain of sand stone came down and by some miracle did not burry
her but launched her about 20m away and only left her with a broken
leg and some smaller insures and a trauma.
So I was dealing with Brasilian health system and wheel chairs and
learned what it means to care for someone full time.
Its all going to be fine again.

I also made live looping music in a clinic for some older depressive
patients and felt it was serious, useful work I want to develop more.

We also had a magic tea ritual that makes me wish for all of us:

Our music has a huge curing potential for a world that urgently needs it!
Its a long way without screaming success but little steps of
evolution that brings us true gratitude and happiness.

First we cure ourselves by looping back what we put out.
Then when we find the equilibrium and technique to play relaxed and
"in tune", we can use the good vibes to cure others and finally the
wave will spread in space, since distance is not a limitation for
such energy.

Sure I wish you can learn and profit from all the tools and functions
that we created with big effort and help of many of you...
...but I wish much more that you become aware of the magic power of
music and find ways to turn it useful for yourself and other and help
to cure the world!

love and light

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