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Re: [looper's] production fretless guitar

> Now that I think about it, the comment I heard was NOT about nylon
> vs. steel strings but about RMC vs. magnetic pickups! It seemed
> reasonable to me at the time, because I'd expect piezos to pick up
> more of the spectral complexity of the attack (harder to analyze)
> whereas a magnetic pickup would reproduce the sustain portion more
> cleanly. Any pickup gurus have an opinion.

I don't know how long ago it was that you tried it, but I gather that
Richard has worked on an EQ/buffer thingie to get rid of the harmonics that
might interfere with the signal - I interviewed Alain Caron about this 
ago, and he was smitten by it for his Yamaha/Axxon system - he said the
analogue sound of it with the buffer on was horrible :o)