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[looper's] OT re roland

Title: [looper's] OT re roland

>>I called Roland customer service........For customer service I thought they were great.<<

I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark here- you're not in europe, right?

I had the right service sheets and part numbers for a juno 106 that had been damaged by liquid ingress and written off by the synthesizer "service" centre in london. I ordered the cpu chip. it took 60 days, by boat, from japan. when it came, it had a different part number than what I'd ordered. roland uk said "ah, yes. we changed the cpu for a different sort. you need to fit external memory too, there's a space on the board." another 60 days goes by.... then finally sleeping beauty wakes up and reveals lost voices, voice allocation issues &c&c... the whole thing took about a year.

but that first conversation with them took over six weeks of enquiries to get to it's point. meanwhile, from yamaha, I've got schemos and parts (all in stock in the uk) for a cs30 some six years older than the 106.

and weren't the 106's built in italy in the first place?

I'm not even going to mention my more recent conversations re my vs880 (retired). won't buy roland anymore.



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