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[looper's] RE: Insert mode on loopers...

Title: [looper's] RE: Insert mode on loopers...

>>you can place any arbitrary signal processing (including outboard boxes) in the iteration loop.  Each time the signal passes through the loop, more effect is applied.<<

I've already had a great deal of fun using the repeater on an aux send and turning the overdub level down so all it hears is what comes back at it from the desk. it's a pretty straightforward matter then to add effects within the iteration path, feeding the repeater back to itself with some eq'ing and an extra effect or two in the way. we used to do this with a pitch shifter and a delay unit, but then I guess most people have heard that one.....

(if any of the internal path is left turned up, a bit of comb-filtering happens; I guess this is because of latency through the d>a and a>d processing on the external path cf the internal path. it's not objectionable though but).

would that something similar were available on the jam-man- our guitarist would love the things even more if they had their own effects loops. his favourite effect at the moment is the tape-delay wobble on the DL4, which certainly does seem to be added in the feedback loop somehow.


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