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srm 450's

In a message dated 11/27/02 4:06:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, mark_hamburg@baymoon.com writes:

For those who have these
speakers, how well do they work at reasonably low -- i.e., home studio --

it depends on how "loud" you can get in your studio.....for me to play them so they sound good, i am too loud for my setting ( third floor of old house, bedrooms right below).....now this is not really "loud" but.....now when you take them to a gig where you can crank them (not go crazy mind you) they are imosho steller.....they are overkill in a small studio setting but i still love mine and no amp to boot!.....i did look at that tech 21 speaker on their site, very interesting (the powerball 60 or something like that).....:).....michael