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FS: Looping/Mangling Stuff for sale

I thought I would give those who might be interested and who missed the
first post a last chance for the remaining items before putting them on

Electrix Repeater v1.1 Brand New, still in plastic in box

Electrix FilterFactory, excellent condition, used once

Ashly LX308B 8 stereo channel (16 input) 1 rack space balanced line
Excellent quality pro gear, only used a few times in my rack

I also have a Roctron Rack Interface that I may be selling, but I am not
sure what they go for or if it would be worth selling; let me know if

I take very good care of all my equipment.  I also have an excellent
rating on ebay for username sginn.  I am selling these items because I
need to raise some cash and clear out some gear.  If you are interested,
please contact me immediately because in a day or so, I will be putting
everything up on ebay.  All the above prices do not include shipping &
handling.  If interested, please email me off list at sginn@airmail.net.

Steve Ginn