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RE: Won't Get Gated Again

Title: RE: Won't Get Gated Again

>>BTW, I never noticed any fumbles on the studio
version of Won't Get Fooled Again..where does
this happen? <<

well, this /was/ the multitrack, and there was a great chunk in the middle that I didn't recognise, of townshend arsing about with the keyboards, but what I meant was that I could hear, if I so chose, the bassline, somewhat more distinctly than one might hear it on the finished mix, and entwhistle's fumbles were roughly where one would expect an over-stretched bassist to fumble. but they weren't repaired. and the drums frequently drift out of sync with the gated lowry. it's a lesson in capturing a performance and the hell with perfection, and one that some of today's producers would do well to pay some attention to.



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