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Re: appologia baby

The Faux Charlotte Moorman <grin> wrote:

>also, big
>news, i'm moving to new york. brooklyn, to be exact. i
>want to test the waters there. i know a few people
>that i met on a previous trip, and i have an apartment
>available (roommates, girls who play in some local
>bands)that sounds like a very good situation. so,
>hopefully within a few weeks, i'll be settled cozily
>in front of a fake electric yule log, chatting with
>you, making interesting lOopYgIrL tracks and putting
>them on my (new) site. you are all so smart and real
>and great.. please stay that way.

Moving to New York, great stuff!   It's a fine place.

When you are in New York, you must come to open loop
some Saturday and bring your rig.


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