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RECOMMENDATIONS for a good Midi filter/patch bay device?

I'm having the toughest time getting my YAMAHA WX5 wind controller
to trigger my Electrix REPEATER in conjunction with my BEHRINGER
Midi Foot Controller.  Every time I have tried it live, the REPEATER 
and needs to be rebooted..............having such a short rack depth it is
really difficult to reach around and through my SKB case to reset
so I don't.

I'm still not sure but it appears that the REPEATER's processor is
with to many CC messages.

My question to all is:

Do you have any recommendations for one of two things.

1) a good, but hopefully not too expensive midi filter/patch bay box

2) a device that can let me switch between two midi inputs (NOT a merge box
which does not work).


On the Horns of a Dillema,  Rick Walker