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Re: tools of the trade-why so incomplete?

I think the RDS page is looking for a sponsor (someone who can devote the 
time to content)

Anyway, DOD/Digitech seems pretty damn unhelpful in the info gathering 
process on these.

One gent is dealing with MIDI to CV issues right now.  He is an active 
so you might want to check in with him (you'll see his posts in the last 
couple of days).

I think the lack of information may be one big reason those guys are 

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Hi I'm new here and I was poking around the website trying to get some in 
depth info on digitech PDS and RDS units as well as earlier BOSS/Roland 
DDL's which are looper friendly. Basically where I'm coming from is I'm 
looking for a DDL with 4+seconds of delay, controls which allow me to, at 
the very least, change the pitch of the loop on the fly, and preferably 
kind of sampling mode which I can solo over although this is not vital as 
can use an AB box to accomplish this if need be. I don't have a preference 
as far as pedal vs. rackmount but it has to work well run in front of the 
amp as I don't have an fx loop and am not about to upgrade or modify my 
vibrolux reverb ;-) I'm especially interested in sleepers like some of the 
older BOSS/Roland, Digitech/DOD  etc. models (ADA? Ibanez? Deltalab? Korg? 
Lexicon? TC?) Thanks y'all!   Kirk

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