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Re: CFC size

S V G wrote:

>      Ah Mark, you're a smart cookie to be sure.  I missed that part of 
>the manual.  When I insert
> the CFC card, the readout tells me that I have 96 minutes available.  
>Sure enough, I can only do 8
> minute loops at a time.

Oh, I'm not that sharp.  I totally missed that part of the manual the 
first time round and had
someone else here point it out to me.  Just sharing the love.

>      Since you asked, it seems possible to record an 8 minute loop at 
>240, drop the tempo down to
> 1 and then sit back for a loop of 32 hours in length.  Y'know, it starts 
>to grow on you the third
> time around...

Ah ahh ah ahhahahhahah!  I'd love to see you on the third pass!  All 
drooling and babbling to
yourself in a corner.  I say cut the loop up and make yourself 26 ambient 
albums.  Bill Laswell will
be so jealous!

Mark Sottilaro