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re: digitech rds triggering solutions? | midi to cv converters? |

Frostwave makes a 1U MIDI to CV converter:



I've searched everywhere for an answer to this Digitech 
RDS setup question.
I have an alesis SR-16 midi drum machine which I would like to use to
sync/trigger the following loopers:

(3) Digitech RDS 8000 delay/samplers
(2) Digitech RDS 7.6 delay/samplers
(1) Digitech PDS 8000 delay/sampler

from what i understand the devices use a +5volt input to trigger/sync. is
there a" midi to a +5 volt pulse" converter that can read midi info from my
Alesis SR-16. 

Let me know if you know of any product/products that can tackle these
duties. I'd love to have 6-8 triggers for expansion and flexibilty. I'm 
curious to know what the rest of you are using to trigger these older RDS
devices with? any suggestions? pitfalls? triumphs?