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Re: The audience, and technology.

I don't know about this.  I think a lot of people can get what you do if 
you use
good analogies and don't get too technical.  Last weekend I played a rave, 
and I
had a woman ask if I had prerecorded my background tracks.  I just told 
her, "In
a sense, yes.  I recorded them here and had them immediately play back.  
Kind of
like being a DJ, but starting with a blank record.  First you've got to put
something on the record, then I use all sorts of computer gear to screw 
that recording."  I didn't get a blank stare at all.  People can be 
open... if
they care.  I usually never go into what I'm doing if they don't express an
interest.  Give a brief overview, and "black box" the complicated stuff.  
they want to know more, they'll ask.

Mark Sottilaro

RandomLFO@aol.com wrote:

>      Thinking of the intelligence of the public. Many people in the 
> know much that I will not know. We as musicians that use specialized
> technology to create our music, know things that most of them will never
> know, or care to know. After the fact, I always chuckle to myself when a
> listener has asked me a question like ..how did I get those sounds? I 
> to try to explain about Looping, Reaktor, Spektral Delay, CrusherX, 
> ReSynthesis, blah, blah, blah.... I find myself feeling like a complete 
> Worse still the inquiring eyes have transformed into a blank stare. I 
> at myself for not having a clue as how to explain any of it to them.