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Re: Looper Spotted on the 10th of November in PA. [WARNING - OT]

Mindful of the considerable current polemic regarding OT material, with 
some trepidation I'll say:

Lee wrote:
> Was majourly cool to hear someone explain a bit more 
> of the history and what makes said ragas different from 
> one another in a simplistic detail.

> Another point that needs to be brought up was that we 
> weren't listening to yet another speed demon, but someone
> who did the more difficult task of playing slowly and with 
> feeling (also gave us a good chance to hear what was
> coming out of said instruments, too).  

> Very enjoyable and hope that he'll be doing a few more 
> concerts in the future.

Thank you for your kind words and for making the long road trip to hear 
the concert.  I've certainly commented enough onlist and off-topic 
regarding similarities between looping and Indian classical music, so I 
won't go any further with it now, except to say that I really like your 
"tanpura as acoustic looper" remarks!