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Re: Loop station

>  > >the guy was just resynching the loop manually, by hitting play on
>>  >the downbeat...
>>  >
>>  some may call it sampling... but whatever, i was not aware of this
>>  "foot-sync" function of the dl4, sorry.
>You can do this on the EDP too.  I asked about it at one of Kim and 
>EDP demos in Oakland.  I think if you press mute, then press insert the 
>will play only once (someone correct me here if I'm wrong).  So you can
>retrigger every cycle by pressing insert.  I was using this for a while to
>keep my live loops synced up to other people.  Also you can use this
>function for a nice stutter effect.  If you want the loop to repeat again 
>think you press mute to exit this function.

or Undo while Mute to make it play from the beginning forever again
or Undo while its playing the sample to make it go on forever again 
(only Loop4)



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